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American hospitals often have anĀ abundance of medical supplies. Health regulations sometimes prevent perfectly good medical supplies from actually being used. For example, if a syringe is brought to a patient’s room, no matter what, it can’t return to the supply room. The syringe could be unopened, but since it came to the patient’s room, health regulations prevent it from being used on any other patient. Hospitals sometimes change their uniform colors and logos – maybe they have a new sponsorship, or it’s just time for an update. Changes like this can leave them with boxes and boxes no longer needed items like scrub caps or hospital gowns.

This is where Project C.U.R.E comes in. Project C.U.R.E is a Charity Navigator Four Star rated 501(c)(3) charity that collects these extra supplies and sends them to hospitals in need around the world. They send medical personnel to each of the hospitals they plan to donate to so that they can do an evaluation of what the hospital actually needs. The needs of a hospital in India that serve mostly mothers and children are very different from the needs of an HIV/AIDS hospital in Africa.

Project C.U.R.E. collects donated supplies from all over the country. They’ll accept almost any unused (preferably unopened) medical supplies from almost anyone. Basic medical supplies like sterile gloves, scrub caps, IV supplies, syringes, and alcohol swabs are sometimes very difficult to obtain in the countries where Project C.U.R.E. sends supplies.

Once supplies arrive at their warehouses, volunteers sort the supplies and pack up boxes with very specific items based on the wants and needs of the hospital receiving the shipment. Each shipment contains several pallets of supplies, and the organization manages to ship out two to five shipments a week.

The organization also offers C.U.R.E. KITs to medical personnel traveling to volunteer in hospitals. Each kit contains around $2,000 worth of medical supplies and can be checked onto an airplane because they weigh 48 lbs. These kits contain basic and vital medical supplies that you may not have access to in the country where you are going – like laceration kits, sterile gloves, bandages, suture bags, masks, scrubs, hospital gowns, stethoscopes, glucose meter kits, and basic medications like pain relievers.

Are you a medical professional who’s willing to travel to a potential hospital to evaluate their needs? Do you work in a hospital or medical supply company who has extra supplies you’d be willing to donate? Do you want to help with the endless job of sorting supplies? Do you want to sponsor supply shipments? Do you need a C.U.R.E kit? Contact Project C.U.R.E. today to get involved.


Eddie Popa

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