How To Bring Out The Best of You This Summer

Feb 28, 2017

As a woman, it’s your right to look and feel good. Regardless of what others think, make sure you don’t leave any stone unturned to look good. Here are some of the handpicked tips that will help you forge ahead in this direction and get desired results in an efficient manner-

Start Running On a Daily Basis

Running is the best form of exercise that you can commit yourself to. Not only does it help you tone your muscles and lead a happy life, but also improve your mood. That’s the reason why most of the health experts ask their patients to make running an integral part of their lives. You should also do the same and witness great results.

Swimming Is Important

Believe it or not, but swimming is more important than you can imagine. Right from keeping you fit and healthy to improving your mood, it does a lot of wonders to your body and mind. Make sure you swim on a regular basis.

While going for the swim, don’t forget to buy designer bathing suits. There are plenty of them available in the market. So, you can choose the one that makes you feel comfortable and fits your budget. When you wear women’s swimwear, the overall experience improves manifold.

In case you have an academy near your house where running and swimming facilities are available, then give it a try to make the best use of the guidance provided by professional training experts. It’s the perfect way of moving forward in this direction.

Although there are many other activities that you can be a part of and achieve great fitness, running and swimming are more than enough for you to achieve desired results. Give them a shot and feel the difference every single time.

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Are You Doing Your Kegels? 3 Times You Should

Feb 14, 2017

Women are often unaware of the importance of exercising their pelvic floor, yet kegels are simple exercises that make a world of difference for your long-term comfort. Over time, the pelvic floor gets weakened from the effects of gravity, childbirth and the hormonal changes associated with aging. While these are all natural processes that tend to happen, you should be aware that the pelvic floor helps hold your organs in place. When it weakens, you are at risk for health conditions, such as incontinence or pelvic prolapse. Fortunately, these clench-and-release exercises strengthen the pelvic floor. Every woman can benefit from kegels, but these three life situations mean that you should make them a priority.

 You Are Pregnant or Recovering From Childbirth

Ideally, kegels should be done before you get pregnant and throughout. However, you can still enjoy benefits from starting kegels today. Strengthening your pelvic floor will help you have more control during labor and delivery. It also reduces the strain on your perineum so that you can avoid hemorrhoids. As you recover, performing kegel exercises helps the episiotomy site to heal and restores any loss of bladder control you may be experiencing.

 You Are Concerned About Incontinence

Incontinence is often embarrassing, even when it is not your fault. Women are at greater risk for a loss of bladder or bowel control after they have a baby and as they age. You may also struggle with incontinence if you are overweight or have experienced a hysterectomy. When you have urinary leakage, doctors often prescribe kegels as a natural form of therapy that strengthens the pelvic floor so that it can hold everything in place. Knowing how to tighten your muscles in that area also gives you more control over holding your urine until you can get to the bathroom. Since many women are unaware of the muscles in their pelvic area, using a kegel device helps you to become familiar with when you are tensing the muscles properly.

 You Want to Improve Sexual Functioning

Throughout adulthood, enjoying happy sexual relationships is important for your wellbeing. Many of the same issues that affect your ability to control your bladder can also wreak havoc on your sexual functioning. For example, you may feel your vaginal muscles relax after childbirth, which can affect your enjoyment of sexual activity. The muscles you exercise with kegels are also the same ones that tense and release during climax. Essentially, increasing their strength can increase the sensations you feel during orgasm.

 Kegels hold benefits for women at every stage in life. It is important to do them effectively to ensure you get the most out of your pelvic floor workouts. Make sure to use a kegel device in the beginning that can give you feedback on an app such as how many you have done a day and the intensity of your clenching. This way, you can continuously improve as you make this critical exercise for women a regular part of your day.

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Flower Girl Dresses that Make Everyone Happy

Feb 10, 2017

The flower girl sets the stage for your grand entrance, so you want her to be wearing the right dress. At the same time, you know that her mom’s not going to be happy spending a lot of money on a dress that she’s only going to wear once. Use the following tips to keep everyone happy.

Be Flexible

Rather than setting your sights on one particular dress, try to be more flexible. For instance, you might specify that you like flower girl dresses that have a poofy skirt or an empire waist, but then let the mom and little girl pick the dress based on that. This allows them to shop around for the best deal. They might be able to find a great used dress or a dress that works as a flower girl dress even if it isn’t labeled as one.

Consider the Child

The dress has to be right for the child. Toddlers and very young girls may not be able to walk well in a dress with a long skirt, so it would be better to get one that’s short. You don’t want her to trip as she’s walking down the aisle. Comfort can also be a big issue with little girls. Some girls love dressing up, but others will wiggle uncomfortably at the feeling of tights or scratchiness of crinoline. If she’s comfortable in what she’s wearing, she’ll be able to confidently walk down the aisle, scattering her flower petals.

Incorporate Your Colors

You probably want your flower girl to match the rest of the bridal party, but specifying an exact color for the flower girl dress can limit the possibilities. Instead, use your wedding colors in other ways. For instance, you could have the girl wear a white dress with a sash made from your wedding colors or have a seamstress add ribbons or embroidery that incorporates your colors. This ties her in with the party, but makes it easier for the parents to find an affordable dress.

Be Considerate

Your flower girl’s parents are undoubtedly happy to have her participate in your special day, but it can be an additional financial burden. Aside from the cost of the dress, the parents may also need to buy tights and shoes. Some brides even want the flower girl to have a professionally-done hairstyle and makeup. If you know that money is tight, offer to foot some of these extra costs.

No matter what type of dress she’s wearing, the cute little flower girl walking down the aisle is sure to put a smile on the faces of all your wedding guests.

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Project C.U.R.E. – providing medical supplies to those in need

Feb 10, 2017

American hospitals often have an abundance of medical supplies. Health regulations sometimes prevent perfectly good medical supplies from actually being used. For example, if a syringe is brought to a patient’s room, no matter what, it can’t return to the supply room. The syringe could be unopened, but since it came to the patient’s room, health regulations prevent it from being used on any other patient. Hospitals sometimes change their uniform colors and logos – maybe they have a new sponsorship, or it’s just time for an update. Changes like this can leave them with boxes and boxes no longer needed items like scrub caps or hospital gowns.

This is where Project C.U.R.E comes in. Project C.U.R.E is a Charity Navigator Four Star rated 501(c)(3) charity that collects these extra supplies and sends them to hospitals in need around the world. They send medical personnel to each of the hospitals they plan to donate to so that they can do an evaluation of what the hospital actually needs. The needs of a hospital in India that serve mostly mothers and children are very different from the needs of an HIV/AIDS hospital in Africa.

Project C.U.R.E. collects donated supplies from all over the country. They’ll accept almost any unused (preferably unopened) medical supplies from almost anyone. Basic medical supplies like sterile gloves, scrub caps, IV supplies, syringes, and alcohol swabs are sometimes very difficult to obtain in the countries where Project C.U.R.E. sends supplies.

Once supplies arrive at their warehouses, volunteers sort the supplies and pack up boxes with very specific items based on the wants and needs of the hospital receiving the shipment. Each shipment contains several pallets of supplies, and the organization manages to ship out two to five shipments a week.

The organization also offers C.U.R.E. KITs to medical personnel traveling to volunteer in hospitals. Each kit contains around $2,000 worth of medical supplies and can be checked onto an airplane because they weigh 48 lbs. These kits contain basic and vital medical supplies that you may not have access to in the country where you are going – like laceration kits, sterile gloves, bandages, suture bags, masks, scrubs, hospital gowns, stethoscopes, glucose meter kits, and basic medications like pain relievers.

Are you a medical professional who’s willing to travel to a potential hospital to evaluate their needs? Do you work in a hospital or medical supply company who has extra supplies you’d be willing to donate? Do you want to help with the endless job of sorting supplies? Do you want to sponsor supply shipments? Do you need a C.U.R.E kit? Contact Project C.U.R.E. today to get involved.


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Alopecia Tattoo

Feb 10, 2017

Thanks to modern technology, alopecia tattoos can be used to create the illusion of hair in parts of the body where there has been hair loss. There are several reasons why people suffer partial or complete hair loss in areas of their bodies where hair would normally grow. Alopecia, commonly referred to as baldness, is a condition that can adversely affect the self-esteem and confidence of the affected individual.  Although tattoos were traditionally used exclusively for body art, improvements in techniques are leading more people to seek tattoos for medical reasons. The condition can affect men, women, and children of all ages. Here’s why the alopecia tattoo is gaining profound popularity;

They make you feel more attractive
By creating the illusion of hair in parts of the body that experienced hair loss, these tattoos can enhance the natural appearance of the affected individual. Receding hairlines and sparse eyebrows are likely to make some people feel unattractive. Depending on an individual, some people will avoid public areas due to hair loss. Tattoos used for alopecia treatment can help to reconstruct the hairline and eyebrows of the affected person, giving them a flattering make-up effect.

Can boost your self-esteem
In most cases, people will judge us by how we look. Hair plays a significant role in determining our appearance and hair loss can considerably take away our natural look. By choosing tattoos used to treat alopecia, you will be able to regain your natural look. You will also feel more attractive and have your self-esteem restored. With a wide range of color pigments available, you will be able to select the ones that match your taste and needs.

Helps women to save time
Semi-permanent construction of eyebrows or hair will not only accentuate your natural features but will also help you to save time. Normally, women will spend a significant amount of time applying makeup and other cosmetic products. These tattoos give women a flawless and natural look that will leave them feeling more youthful. This helps to save them time as they will not have to spend much time in front of the mirror. There are different procedures available depending on the type and area of hair loss.

Procedures last for a while
Most procedures for alopecia will last for a reasonable period even after the illusion of hair has been created. This makes it possible for you to go about your normal activities without worrying about going back to your specialist. You will maintain your flawless look for up to two years depending on the type of tattoo you chose.

As much as permanent makeup is associated with some benefits, you must ensure that your safety is guaranteed when looking for these options. It is important to seek the advice of a medical professional before embarking on getting alopecia tattoos.

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