How To Buy Sunglasses

May 24, 2018

Whether for casual or sporting use, sunglasses are indispensable for keeping the sun’s harmful rays out of your eyes. But sunglasses can be fashion accessories too. Here are some tips on getting sunglasses that not only enhance your looks, but also afford you the best eye protection.

The advice of choosing sunglass style based on the shape of your face is perhaps the oldest and most popular. There are a lot of charts and videos online showing you how to do this. Basically, this method relies on contrast aesthetics: If your face shape doesn’t have a lot of sharp angles, go for angular; if angular, go for glasses with more curves (‘Wayfarer’ styles consists of a top with angles and curved bottoms). If you have a sharp chin, offset it with frames that emphasize the horizontal. If your face is long, make it proportionally shorter-looking with larger frames). The trick is finding out what shape your actual face is, when viewed head on: Oval, square, round, heart/diamond-shaped. These shapes are mostly defined by your forehead, cheeks, and chin (less by your jaw since they are further back of your face).

But, once your face is viewed at an angle, these face shapes disappear. Your face may look round head on but angular when viewed on the side. And few people would only get to look at your face head on so nothing beats trying on the sunglasses you like and looking in the mirror at different angles to see how good you look. Your choice of sunglass style is also affected by the look you’re aiming for and the amount of eye protection you wish to have and sometimes the two don’t go together. For example, in order for you to show more of your face, you’ll naturally choose smaller (flatter or narrower, depending on how you look at it) sunglass styles but this lets in more of the sun’s rays at the sides of the sunglass. On the other hand, wraparound style sunglasses may offer more protection but some wraparound styles may look unflattering to your face shape. Still, nothing beats actually trying sunglasses on for shape and size.

Speaking of size, face size is different from face shape. Pick a sunglass size that proportionally complements the size of your face. If you have a small face, wearing too large frames would tend to overwhelm your face. How are sunglasses measured? This is where frame size comes in. Also known as the ‘eye size’ the right frame size for you depends on the width of your face (‘face size’), from temple-to-temple. Different face sizes have different suggested frame sizes, which you can find from different manufacturers.

Although nothing beats trying out sunglasses personally for the right size, you won’t be able to do that on a website so the frame size is what you should look for when buying sunglasses online. Note that wraparound sunglasses fit more snugly with your face size, so you can go up or down a notch on these suggested frame sizes and still find a nice fit.

If you have a favorite type of sunglasses, you can try looking for the frame size inside the temples (or arms), where important information is usually printed, however you will generally only find these on higher end brands such as Persol or Ray Ban sunglasses. There are usually three numbers corresponding to frame/eye size (from 40-62), bridge size (from 14-24), and temple/arm length (from 120-150), in in that order. The temple/arm length is not your temple-to-temple face size but is close enough (since temple/arm length usually spans across the back of the sunglasses when it is folded). Sometimes the eye size and bridge size are separated by a box symbol and may be printed on the sunglasses bridge. Ignore numbers accompanied by letters since these are color/style codes. This information is often not found in cheap sunglasses.

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Here is how you can use fabric for your house decor well as for your wardrobe!

May 14, 2018

A lot of home decorators will tell you that there are many things that you can do with fabric. People who are not well-versed in decoration and interior designing field have no idea that what is the use of different kinds of fabric in home décor.There are countless ways in which fabric is used in home décor and home designing. Following are some of the ways that fabric can be used for a number of different ways.


A lot of people have windows in their houses. Some people even have those glass walls that look really pretty. But when you need a bit of privacy and cover, you will need to use some curtains to cover the windows and glass walls.This is where you will feel the need to get some sheer fabric curtains that will not only cover up the windows and glass walls, but also let the air through those curtains.That is why sheer fabric is best when you want to let the air in.

Clothes and scarves:

Clothes and the wardrobe you have is composed of a number of different fabric material, colors and designs. This is where the chambray fabric comes in handy. A lot of people prefer this fabric for their shirts and flowery tunics. Among a number of other fabrics like silk, animal print fabric Etc. chambray fabric is one of the most fashionable and indemand fabric. It comes in different designs and colors and is well liked because of its versatility. This is the material that is not only used for just shirts, but can also be used to make scarves and pants that you can wear in any season at all.

Upholstery covers:

Even when it comes to your outdoor and indoor furniture, there is a lot of fabric involved. You have to cover your tablewith a tablecloth, then the seats of your chair have to be covered by some sturdy yet comfortable fabric. A lot of people cover their deck chairs with the duck fabric or the canvas fabric. The kind of fabric that you choose depends on what purpose you are using it for.

Deck chairs:

A lot of people decorate their deck chairs with fabric. You can use the fabric in the seats to make them more comfortable as well as to save them from the effects of the environment. Just make sure that you purchase the fabric from a good fabric company that is reliable.


Backpack and other camping gear are made up of fabric that is really tough and that can stand the test of time and harsh weather. That is why a lot of times the fabric used for such things iscanvas material or the duck fabric. These fabrics can be used to make beach bags and duffle bags as well. They come in a number of different colors and designs as well.

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