Women are often unaware of the importance of exercising their pelvic floor, yet kegels are simple exercises that make a world of difference for your long-term comfort. Over time, the pelvic floor gets weakened from the effects of gravity, childbirth and the hormonal changes associated with aging. While these are all natural processes that tend to happen, you should be aware that the pelvic floor helps hold your organs in place. When it weakens, you are at risk for health conditions, such as incontinence or pelvic prolapse. Fortunately, these clench-and-release exercises strengthen the pelvic floor. Every woman can benefit from kegels, but these three life situations mean that you should make them a priority.

 You Are Pregnant or Recovering From Childbirth

Ideally, kegels should be done before you get pregnant and throughout. However, you can still enjoy benefits from starting kegels today. Strengthening your pelvic floor will help you have more control during labor and delivery. It also reduces the strain on your perineum so that you can avoid hemorrhoids. As you recover, performing kegel exercises helps the episiotomy site to heal and restores any loss of bladder control you may be experiencing.

 You Are Concerned About Incontinence

Incontinence is often embarrassing, even when it is not your fault. Women are at greater risk for a loss of bladder or bowel control after they have a baby and as they age. You may also struggle with incontinence if you are overweight or have experienced a hysterectomy. When you have urinary leakage, doctors often prescribe kegels as a natural form of therapy that strengthens the pelvic floor so that it can hold everything in place. Knowing how to tighten your muscles in that area also gives you more control over holding your urine until you can get to the bathroom. Since many women are unaware of the muscles in their pelvic area, using a kegel device helps you to become familiar with when you are tensing the muscles properly.

 You Want to Improve Sexual Functioning

Throughout adulthood, enjoying happy sexual relationships is important for your wellbeing. Many of the same issues that affect your ability to control your bladder can also wreak havoc on your sexual functioning. For example, you may feel your vaginal muscles relax after childbirth, which can affect your enjoyment of sexual activity. The muscles you exercise with kegels are also the same ones that tense and release during climax. Essentially, increasing their strength can increase the sensations you feel during orgasm.

 Kegels hold benefits for women at every stage in life. It is important to do them effectively to ensure you get the most out of your pelvic floor workouts. Make sure to use a kegel device in the beginning that can give you feedback on an app such as how many you have done a day and the intensity of your clenching. This way, you can continuously improve as you make this critical exercise for women a regular part of your day.

Eddie Popa

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