The flower girl sets the stage for your grand entrance, so you want her to be wearing the right dress. At the same time, you know that her mom’s not going to be happy spending a lot of money on a dress that she’s only going to wear once. Use the following tips to keep everyone happy.

Be Flexible

Rather than setting your sights on one particular dress, try to be more flexible. For instance, you might specify that you like flower girl dresses that have a poofy skirt or an empire waist, but then let the mom and little girl pick the dress based on that. This allows them to shop around for the best deal. They might be able to find a great used dress or a dress that works as a flower girl dress even if it isn’t labeled as one.

Consider the Child

The dress has to be right for the child. Toddlers and very young girls may not be able to walk well in a dress with a long skirt, so it would be better to get one that’s short. You don’t want her to trip as she’s walking down the aisle. Comfort can also be a big issue with little girls. Some girls love dressing up, but others will wiggle uncomfortably at the feeling of tights or scratchiness of crinoline. If she’s comfortable in what she’s wearing, she’ll be able to confidently walk down the aisle, scattering her flower petals.

Incorporate Your Colors

You probably want your flower girl to match the rest of the bridal party, but specifying an exact color for the flower girl dress can limit the possibilities. Instead, use your wedding colors in other ways. For instance, you could have the girl wear a white dress with a sash made from your wedding colors or have a seamstress add ribbons or embroidery that incorporates your colors. This ties her in with the party, but makes it easier for the parents to find an affordable dress.

Be Considerate

Your flower girl’s parents are undoubtedly happy to have her participate in your special day, but it can be an additional financial burden. Aside from the cost of the dress, the parents may also need to buy tights and shoes. Some brides even want the flower girl to have a professionally-done hairstyle and makeup. If you know that money is tight, offer to foot some of these extra costs.

No matter what type of dress she’s wearing, the cute little flower girl walking down the aisle is sure to put a smile on the faces of all your wedding guests.

Eddie Popa

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